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Gaussan Technologies has more than 40 years of experience in roofing, leak location, and repair performed on buildings as well as civil structures such as landfills, tunnels and lagoons. Gaussan and is also the leading developer of automated roof monitoring systems for always-on leak detection and location. 
It became apparent to Gaussan's founder, Clark Gunness, a graduate of Harvard University and an expert in the design and application of roofing and waterproofing membrane, that methods, materials and uses of roofs themselves were changing in ways that could demand leak detection systems that were built into the envelope. A system that generated more relevant information was going to be required to address the stresses on the roofing systems generated by green and multi-use roofing spaces. There was also a growing awareness by communities, contractors, designers and owners that certain buildings and other structures needed to be more closely watched for the incursion of moisture, all to make a more sustainable built environment and a healthier indoor space.
Working on these assumptions, the goal of making a monitoring system that was easy to coordinate, construct and understand has been achieved after 9 years of research. Gunness now has 7 patents on variations of permanent leak detection systems for roofs and in-roof components.
Gaussan has a committed team of experts, not only in testing but in roofing and lining technology. As a result of this wider background, we have the knowledge to design and recommend the proper leak detection system for practically any membrane application.
Gaussan Technologies is an independent testing company with no affiliation to roofing companies or membrane manufacturers. Though we travel the world to satisfy our clients, we are American owned and operated.
P.O. Box 350 Tilton, NH USA 03276

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"We take an engineering perspective on Electronic Leak Detection. We implement thorough and necessary procedures to ensure that our client can walk away from the project with complete confidence along with the necessary document that THEIR clients demand."